MD530 wire construction helicopter with Heli-1

Helicopter power utility services require only the best: the right pilots, the right aircraft. That’s where Heli-1 comes in.

Bell 212 Helicopter with Heli-1 Corp

Transmission and Distribution Powerline Construction

Our Bell 212HP, 212HP(DF) and 205A-1++ helicopters do the heavy lifting of poles and tower structures. With twin engine and single engine flyaway capability paired with hoist and expert hoist techs, our 212HP(DF) helicopters are also uniquely equipped to deliver line crews to structures with unparalleled safety margins and efficiency for medium helicopters.

Reliable, Stable and Strong.

When it comes to powerline construction and maintenance, nothing is better suited for the most complex of tasks like mid-span work, insulator installations and wire pulling than the MD500 series. Our MD530F helicopters perform at high and hot with accuracy and quickness.

Heli-1 AS350B3e H125 helicopter

Speed, Comfort and Safety for Powerline Patrols and Inspections

When it comes to long corridors for visual inspections and imaging such as LiDAR and IR/thermal imaging of powerlines, it’s the perfect blend of range, comfort and safety that wears the crown. That’s where our AS350B3e (H125) helicopters really shine. Nothing has the performance and smoothness for 3-4 capable hours like the Astar.

“Heli-1 is an extremely dependable and professional company. The caliber of employees and the level of service they provided were among the best I have worked with… I highly recommend Heli-1 as they meet and exceed the professionalism and level of serviced required by CAL FIRE.”

— Colin C.
CAL FIRE Helicopter Manager