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Missoula is a perfect place to access all of Montana by helicopter!

Scenic helicopter flight or commuter trip out of Missoula? Why choose? You don’t have to be up in the clouds to get around Montana. ALL of our flights are scenic, your own private helicopter charter!

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You’re in good hands

Heli-1 is a full-service, experienced commercial helicopter operator. We fight fires, build wires and perform precision heavy lifts. Come fly with us out of Missoula and experience the incomparable thrill of helicopter flight.

Bitterroot and Missoula Valleys by Air

Imagine a taxi that needs no roads and takes every turn you ask for… that’s a helicopter charter! From Missoula, or the pickup point of your choice, we’ll take your way.

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Skip the road trip

From our private terminal at the Missoula International Airport, you can fly by helicopter to any airport, unrestricted public land or private property with prior arrangement. Save the bumpy roads and flat tires for your next vacation.

“Heli-1 is an extremely dependable and professional company. The caliber of employees and the level of service they provided were among the best I have worked with… I highly recommend Heli-1 as they meet and exceed the professionalism and level of serviced required by CAL FIRE.”

— Colin C.
CAL FIRE Helicopter Manager