Making the freshest powder within reach.

Partnering with heli-ski guides to take the most adventurous skiers to the most adventures.

Your customers know the best skiing in the world is only accessible by helicopter. And the origins of the Heli-1 legacy began with helicopters and skiing.

We are owned and operated by heli-skiers.

With experienced heli-ski pilots and the best performance helicopters available, we partner with heli-ski guides to put clients on the best runs they could ever imagine.

Contact us today about contracting Heli-1 to provide an aerial platform for your heli-ski operation.


High performance machines, high performance pilots – at your service.

We’ve got skiing and aviation in our blood. And when you put the two together, the result is incomparable.

Our flight crew is experienced not only in heli-skiing in Alaska and the lower 48, but also in utility services and aerial firefighting in the high and remote places of the world.

We can take you higher.

High mountain clouds over heli-ski remote basin in North America, reached by helicopter.
Heli-skiing will get you to mountain tops you never imagined you could reach. Contract helicopter services from Heli-1 Corp.

You’ve flown with the rest. Are you ready for the best?

Heli-1 does professional helicopter services like no other.

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in the Chugach Mountains
Perhaps only adequately described as epic.


in the Teton Mountains
Jackson and the surrounding area has world class powder.


in the Sierra Nevada Mountains
All of the awesome without the long journey!

Contract Heli-Skiing Aerial Services by Heli-1 Corp

Recovery of Assets by Helicopter in Montana Deep Snow, Missoula, MT

Missoula helicopter services

How can our helicopters and crew serve you?

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