Helicopter Charters in Montana and Idaho by Heli-1 out of Missoula, MT
By chartering an On Demand helicopter flight, you can access virtually anywhere in Montana that you want to go.

Camping, hiking, fishing, helicopter tours in the Big Sky area of Montana… you name it, we do it.

Helicopter charters in winter when Montana roads are closed provided by Heli-1 Corp

Bozeman to Big Sky in 20 Minutes

Planning to fly into Bozeman for a Big Sky vacation? Make the hop with us. When the roads are snowy, it’s generally faster, safer and more reliable to go by helicopter. Better yet, plan some day access trips in the area just outside of Yellowstone National Park. We’ll drop you off and pick you up, with all your gear or luggage.

Transportation by helicopter in the Yellowstone area is just a call away.

Big Sky Bozeman Gallatin Montana Area helicopter charter tours Heli-1

Peek into Yellowstone on a flight near Big Sky

Flying the areas around Yellowstone National Park offers breathtaking views. While aircraft access to National Parks is limited to emergencies within the park, the region just outside of them is still amazing. We can take you closer, faster and funner than any other way!

Helicopter charter flights available from the Bozeman MT airport by Heli-1 Corp

From the Plane to the Helicopter

We’ll pick you up, right from the airport or your location in the Bozeman area or beyond. It’s really quick and convenient. Call us today to arrange your helicopter charter and make your travel around Big Sky and Bozeman easy.

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You’re in good hands

Heli-1 is a full-service, experienced commercial helicopter operator. We fight fires, build wires and perform precision heavy lifts. Come fly with us out of Missoula and experience the incomparable thrill of helicopter flight.

“Heli-1 is an extremely dependable and professional company. The caliber of employees and the level of service they provided were among the best I have worked with… I highly recommend Heli-1 as they meet and exceed the professionalism and level of serviced required by CAL FIRE.”

— Colin C.
CAL FIRE Helicopter Manager