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Fire Suppression & Support

Heli-1 works with the US Forest Service and state agencies to combat wildfires across the US including Alaska.

All pilots, mechanics, and drivers go through extensive firefighting training to provide the highest quality services. Heli-1 personnel are USFS carded and service Exclusive Use and Call When Needed contracts.

Heli-1 has an impeccable safety record and strives to provide safe and efficient services to all our fire customers.

Powerline & Utility

Heli-1 Corporation supports the Power/Utility industry with SAFE and EFFICIENT solutions!

We provide aerial support for the powerline industry including construction, maintenance, patrol, and specialty work.

Our unique work methods come from years of experience with our partners working across the globe. These work methods in the powerline sector offer increased safety with higher production compared to traditional methods typically used in the United States. Let Heli-1 show you a safer way of working in the wire environment!

Lift Services

Heli-1 Corporation can support all your Aerial Construction and Utility industry needs!

Heli-1 has the equipment, personnel and know how to meet the needs of construction industry for cost effective aerial projects. Our goal is to prove a safe and effective solution!

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