Can I hire a charter helicopter to drop me off somewhere in Montana?

Yes! Heli-1 is an approved FAR Part 135 On-Demand Air Carrier (also called “air taxi”), which means we can transport people or their property from one place to another. With proper planning, we can pick you up pretty much anywhere in Montana (or the lower 48 United States) and take you by helicopter where you need to go. Note: anywhere that we pick you up or drop you off will need to be accessible and legal to use. In the case of private land, we would just need permission to land and takeoff.

How many passengers can fly on a Heli-1 helicopter?

Our helicopters can transport up to 9 passengers, plus pilot! We operate a few sizes of helicopter to meet the customer’s need and budget. Our smaller aircraft seat 4 and 6 passengers respectively. Our largest helicopters can seat up to 9 passengers in one trip.

Can I bring my luggage on a flight in a helicopter?

Of course! All of our helicopters have ample cargo space for your luggage and personal belongings. We can safely transport you and your stuff to or from virtually anywhere in Montana or the contiguous United States. Depending on how many people are in your group and how much stuff you’re taking, we’ll show up with the right aircraft to get you there safely, comfortably and quickly!

How fast can a passenger helicopter fly?

Maybe faster than you would think! We have helicopters that can fly in excess of 175 miles per hour.

How long does it take to fly by helicopter from Missoula to Whitefish or Kalispell?

On average, it takes about 35-40 minutes to fly from the Missoula Airport to the Glacier Park International Airport in Kalispell or just about 5 minutes longer to Whitefish.

On the way you’ll get a breathtaking view of the Missoula Valley, the Bitterroot Range of the Rocky Mountains, the National Bison Range, Flathead Lake and more. We may be biased but we think there’s no better way to get there!

Other common routes, on average:
Missoula to Helena: 35-40 minutes
Missoula to Whitefish: 40-45 minutes
Missoula to Great Falls: 45-50
Missoula to Bozeman: 50-60 minutes
Missoula to Billings: 1:30-1:40

Note: for groups larger than 6 passengers on a single flight, our larger helicopters are required, which can take about 25% longer in flight time.

Can I be picked up anywhere in Montana, or just Missoula?

Anywhere! As an Air Taxi operator, we can come get you anywhere and take you anywhere that we can legally takeoff and land from.

Can a helicopter land on a mountain in Montana? How about a lake, creek or river? Private property?

The short answer is YES! That’s the amazing thing about a helicopter: we don’t need an airport or even pavement. Some land use and airspace restrictions may apply, however. For instance, National Parks (such as Glacier National Park and Yellowstone National Park) are generally off limits to all aircraft except in an emergency. In the case of private property, we’ll just need permission from the land owner. If we can safely and legally use the land where you want to go, we can take you there!

Does Heli-1 do helicopter sling loads and longline operations?

Yes! We specialize in precision external load operations including construction, aerial cargo, snow machine/snowmobile recovery, airplane and aircraft recovery, remote area supply, wilderness lodge resupply, radio repeater site placement and maintenance, disaster cleanup, ski lift placement, power utility pole setting and much more.

Heli-1 Corp is a FAR 133 Rotorcraft External Load Operator with various size helicopters for almost any heavy lift job.

Do I have to deal with TSA security lines and inspections when I fly in a helicopter?

Generally, NO! We’re serious. When we pick you up at a private location or even at an airport FBO (fixed-based operator), you will not have to wait in line at the airport to go through TSA inspection like you would with a major airline. As a result, the kind of items that you can carry in your bag or with you are much more flexible than in mass transportation. We will of course have to make sure that your items are securely stored and are safe and legal to carry on a helicopter.

Do helicopters cost more to charter than airplanes?

It honestly depends. On a flight hour basis, helicopters can often cost more than similarly sized airplanes. However, when you factor in the time required and other services you may not need, helicopters can actually be a much more economical and efficient option over airplanes. For example, we can literally pick you up from your back yard! This could completely remove the need to travel to a major airport and wait for a scheduled flight. In many instances this could save you the cost of a taxi cab or rideshare, baggage fees, cancellation fees, meals, a hotel, hours away from work, unexpected delays and cancellations due to airport or weather issues, fees associated with airport facilities, road tolls and a whole lot more.

Practical Example:
Major Airlines from Missoula to Bozeman: you will have to show up a couple hours before your flight, pay baggage fees, take a flight with a stop like Denver that will take another 4-6 hours or more to arrive, gather your stuff at the baggage claim, catch a ride to where you need to go. This makes for a long day (like 10-12 hours, reasonably) and can be very costly with loss of business or work time.

Heli-1 flight from Missoula to Bozeman by helicopter charter: we’ll pick you up or fly you from our heliport at the Missoula Montana Airport, let’s say at 9am. Getting you and your stuff loaded and giving you a briefing may take 20 minutes (let’s say 30 minutes, just so the airplane people don’t get too jealous). Just one (1) hour of gorgeous, scenic, high visibility mountain flying later, we drop you off at the Bozeman Yellowstone International Airport or even a private location of your choice. Your pre-arranged ride is already waiting for you. By 11am you’re literally sitting down to brunch with your besties. That’s two hours, reasonably.

The bottom line: whenever a helicopter can be used, it is generally the fastest and most comfortable and convenient (not to mention fun) way to get there! Sometimes it’s the cheapest, too.

How much does it cost to charter a helicopter in Montana?

Great question! Our helicopter rates are based on several factors and are quoted on a per job basis. Some of these factors include: flight time with passengers or cargo, flight time to and from your location (ferry time), standby time for the pilot and helicopter between flights, overnight stays for our crew, land access fees, number of repetitions of the same job and more.

But don’t worry, we can make it simple for you. Call us today at (844) 844-0944 to get a quote for your helicopter charter needs!